if you want to use my OCs for art (especially NSFW) please have a read through thismy sonas are completely off limits for art with others, please respect thatSFW art is always allowed
do not make headcanons about my OCs
do not ship my OCs
do not make "children" for my OCs
only OCs listed below are available for NSFW art
plase ask before drawing my OCs


applies to all my (non-sona) OCs
* means some allow it (see characters below)


  • paw

  • voodoo

  • ghost

  • tentacle

  • public spaces

  • dirty talk

  • oviposition

  • sizeplay (no micro)

  • bondage

  • petplay

  • hypnosis


  • impregnation*

  • any posessive kink

  • humanoid

  • rape

  • watersport/scat

  • diaper

  • vore


please always ask anyway before doing something, this is just a guide

Velvet, f

  • bi (prefers females)

  • mysterious, deep

  • hypnotic eyes

  • loves dark magic

Seafoam Bay, f

  • bi

  • sweet, excitable, playful

  • is small and lives in her rich parent's mansion

Mellifera, f

  • beeling queen

  • mates to breed

  • can hypnotise with pheromones

Ribbon Moon, f

  • exotic dancer

  • mare of the night

  • smokes, expressionless

Apple Dawn, f

  • hetero (bi curious)

  • country girl

  • likes it rough

Wild Spark, f

  • pan

  • peppy, active

  • kinda crazy

Spring Root, f

  • bi (prefers males)

  • very shy

  • likes it vanilla

Bubbles, f/m

  • herm / can change sex

  • aquatic, has tentacles

  • prosthetics 4 walking

  • runaway princess

Rogue Solence, m

  • hetero

  • head of a music label

  • gets stuff done

Shallow Tarn, m

  • hetero

  • sporty jock, friendly

  • tall and strong

Lightning Frost, m

  • gay (bf: rasp berry)

  • caring, sweet, fun

  • very smol

  • big wings / dick

Lightning Frost, m

  • gay (bf: lightning frost)

  • shy, nerdy, metalhead

  • very tall

Fortune, m/f

  • pan

  • can shapeshift

  • very big, long body

  • lustful

Nade, nb (m)

  • pan

  • androgynous

  • friendly and gentle

Kai, f

  • pan

  • multiple personalities

  • can do magic

  • makes special potions

Berry, f

  • bi

  • librarian, model

  • big boobas

  • shy, quiet, romantic

  • prefers it gentle

Amira, f

  • hetero (bi curious)

  • secretary

  • haughty, loves fashion

  • only likes rich & hot ppl

please always ask anyway before doing something, this is just a guide

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